How to Crack GATE 2014


GATE 2014 is the Graduate aptitude test for engineering which is a special test for engineers or the students in engineering field to take admission in post graduate courses such as Mtech. Many students apply for GATE exam every year for taking the admission in a reputed college for persuing the Mtech. Every students wants to crack this examination , so today i am giving you some key notes or some tricks and tips for cracking GATE 2014 examination, I hope after reading my post you all can answer yourself the basic question which every student have in his / her mind :- how to crack GATE 2014 exam.

Tips For Cracking GATE 2014 Exam 


Tips For Cracking GATE 2014 Are as follows :-

For scoring good marks in exam , Firstly go through the syllabus thoroughly , understand what is the syllabus which will be asked in this examination , In our earlier posts we have provided the Syllabus for GATE 2014 for different engineering branches . You can refer the syllabus from there.

You must have asked yourself also

  • How to crack GATE 2014

After going through the syllabus , concentrate and look at the pattern of GATE exam , the pattern of the exam is very important. Many times it happens that a student while preparing for any exam , wants to reads everything and skips the main syllabus , or the main question types. So just go through the last 10 year question papers and try to get the pattern of previous years, How the questions are asked , what type of question are asked form a particular topic. And after getting the pattern , try to do the respective type of question from the same topic. For example if a topic is there from which only the match the following type questions are asked then , just go through them once , there is no need to remember everything in that. Just one hint is enough for such type of questions.

Tips for how to crack GATE 2014

Basic are very important , as there are many numerical problems asked in GATE exam , so while preparing for GATE 2014 , first thing while starting , what you should do it. Just brush up your basics of the subjects such as engineering mathematics , physics and chemistry. For aptitude questions , there are two things important .

1. Accuracy

2. Speed

so You should have both the accuracy as well as Speed while solving the problems . try to solve the aptitude problems as much as you can , because it is the best part apart from you domain , where you can score full marks . So everyday try to solve at least 50 questions for general aptitude and reasoning and also test yourself with respect to time or speed of solving the questions.

There are many online test series for GATE 2014 and other Test series for GATE 2014 , you can find the links on this website. I strongly recommend all of you to just go through those GATE mock test series at least once, it will help you to build self confident and it will also make you aware about where you are lacking or where you should work hard to improve your GATE score this year.